About Me

I wrote my first line of code junior year of high school. I was not big into video games, and I didn't spend my childhood tinkering with computers or electronics. I have always been interested in solving problems and how things work. I received my bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University. This degree was carefully selected to meet the requirements of I wanted to be an engineer like my Dad and Grandpa and I wanted to do something with my new found love for programming. I know, real stringent requirements there. It was around this time that I became fascinated by Cybersecurity, a field I thought combined the investigative nature of a detective and the programming and computer know-how I'd come to love. This passion mostly played out behind the scenes for many years. I got a job offer as a software engineer at Rockwell Collins after college. After a few years at Rockwell I wanted a new challenge, and to be closer to home. In this effort I found consulting and joined Pariveda. During my time with Pariveda I expanded my software engineering knowledge into cloud infrastructure, achieving the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification. I also developed beyond engineering into a creative problem solver and leader. When the pandemic hit I took the opportunity to reignite my passion for Cybersecurity receiving the CompTIA Security+ certification and completing a Masters of Science in Cybersecurity from the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. I am currently a Manager at Pariveda actively working to help clients leverage technology to solve their most complicated problems, and working to improve the security awareness and capabilities of clients. Outside of work I love to read, although I constantly struggle to make the time for it, and run.